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"Experience the POWER within. Kundalini Shakti"

In this core teaching, Gurumayi Chidvilasananda instructs Siddha Yoga students
to engage with their own inner power, to live with the awareness
of the divine force that dwells in themselves and in all things.
Here Gurumayi identifies this power as Kundalini Shakti, the spiritual energy
whose awakening initiates and enlivens a seeker’s journey.

Gurumayi teaches that, in order to fully experience the power within,
students must perform sustained practice and study.
She emphasizes the importance of students’ incorporating the teachings and
practices of Siddha Yoga philosophy and culture into the way they live.

"Honor your Self, Worship your Self, Meditate on your Self,
God dwells within you as you."

This central teaching of Swami Muktananda comes
from his own experience in meditation:
God dwells within each person as their very own Self.
The Self that Baba speaks of here is universal.
It is every person’s innermost core of awareness,
which is also experienced as unconditional joy.
In contacting the Self through meditation
and bringing this expanded consciousness into their lives,
Siddha Yoga students realize their union with the inner Self of all.

"See God in each other."

A Siddha Yogi begins to perceive divine Consciousness within
through the regular practice of meditation, chanting, selfless service, and dakshina,
as well as through consistent study of the Siddha Yoga teachings.
The student is then able to recognize the same Consciousness existing in all others.
By practicing this essential teaching—seeing God in each other—Siddha Yogis
steadily enhance their capacity to treat themselves and others with love and respect.

"The Heart is the hub of all sacred places. Go there and roam."

This teaching from Bhagawan Nityananda
points the Siddha Yogi once again to the experience of divinity within.
In the philosophy of Siddha Yoga, the "Heart" refers to the universal Consciousness
that can be known within oneself.
As they engage with Siddha Yoga practice and study,
students experience many dimensions of Consciousness on the path to enlightenment.
For an in-depth study of the effulgent Heart, students can explore Gurumayi’s book
Sadhana of the Heart.

This book is available at the bookstore in the Monterey Center. For access to all
Siddha Yoga books in print, as well as CDs, DVDs, and photographs,
refer to the online Siddha Yoga Bookstore.
You may also refer to the useful Glossary of Siddha Yoga Terms.

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